San Antonio TV Repair

We are a family owned and operated independent service center, providing repair on all major brands of LCD, DLP, Plasma and Direct View CRT televisions.

Looking for a FREE ESTIMATE on your TV Repair? Please email or call us with the make, model, chassis and description of problem for an estimate on getting your TV repaired. We service all makes and models. Is your TV too big to bring in? Don't worry. We'll come to you. In-home tv repair service is available.

List of common repairs in San Antonio, TX.

Symptoms: Screen flashes on for a second then the set shuts down.
Symptoms: Clicks on then shuts down. LED blinks 5 times.
Symptoms: Picture comes up with Bravia logo for a second then shuts down. LED gives 6 blink code.
Symptoms: Sound but no picture. If you unplug it for a while and try again it might work. Sometimes if you keep trying it will turn on.