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TV Repair

Vizio E550i-B2 E550i-B2E LED Smart TV Intermittent No Picture

Vizio E550i-B2 TV Repair

We've been seeing many 2014 E550i-B2, E550i-B2E Vizio TVs with intermittent symptoms. The set will play work a while and then the picture will go out with the sound working. Or Both picture and sound will go away. Turning it off and on may get it to work again for a while.
This is a same day repair in most cases.

In-Shop TV Repair

In-Shop TV Repair

Bringing in your TV into the shop for repair can often be faster and more economical. Although we often recommend in-home service for larger TVs, many customers choose to bring their sets into the shop.

Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV Repair in San Antonio

There is no place in San Antonio that has as much experience with Plasma TV Repair. Plasma TVs are a more difficult to repair than LCD and LED TVs. There are techniques we use to "force on" LCD and LED TVs that help us diagnose problems. Plasma TVs don't have a way to be "forced on." Plasmas are brighter, have deeper blacks, and have better viewing angles.

We come to you!

On-site TV Repair

Alamo TV Repair to the rescue. There's no need to package your TV and worry about transporting it. We can send a factory trained TV repair technician to repair your TV in-home. Most tv repairs can be done in-home without having to transport your set. Let our fast and friendly TV repair techs take care of your TV.


Chip that controls HDMI inputs blown

All of our repairs come with a warranty. The warranties depend mostly on the manufactures' parts warranty period. Most are going to be from 90 days to 6 months. We have never run into the need for a repair after the warranty period. Once a set is repaired from a particular defect, there is almost no chance to see that problem again.


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