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Sony KD60X690E - 6 Blinks Intermittently

Lately we're seeing lots of Sony model KD60X690E with an intermittent 6 blink code.
They seem to act out more when it's cold.
This is a common problem that can be repaired.

Samsung Blinking Reboot UN50JU6500 UN55KU6290 UN55KU6290 UN49KU6500 UN49KU650D UN55MU6300 UN55MU6500

Lately we've been seeing multiple Samsung curved models with a symptom of blinking picture that will reboot.
The SAMSUNG logo comes up blinking and it reboots over and over.
It's an inexpensive repair we can do the same day or the next day.
Affects the following models:

LG 55LM4600 55LM5800 55LS4600 55LM4700 55LM6200 55LS4500 55G2-UG No Picture

Lately we've been seeing many LGs of the models:
55LM4600 55LM5800 55LS4600 55LM4700 55LM6200 55LS4500 55G2-UG
Where they can be turned on and off but there is no picture and the screen doesn't light up.
This should be a component level repair same day or next day.

Mobile TV Repair in San Antonio

One of the questions we receive the most is, do you have a mobile TV repair service, or do you repair TV's in home.
Yes we do.

Vizio E550i-B2 E550i-B2E LED Smart TV Intermittent No Picture

Vizio E550i-B2 TV Repair

We've been seeing many 2014 E550i-B2, E550i-B2E Vizio TVs with intermittent symptoms. The set will play work a while and then the picture will go out with the sound working. Or Both picture and sound will go away. Turning it off and on may get it to work again for a while.
This is a same day repair in most cases.


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